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Why can't you protect the sparrow? As he falls to the ground. What good is seeing him fall if you don't reach out a hand to stop it?! Its little wings fight to stay above the clouds -- but it still falls. Couldn't you have given it some strength to fly away.

When we lose a loved one, there is a tendency to blame oneself. We wonder what we could have done. We question if we should have done it different. We regret.

What becomes of the sparrow anyway? Does it have another life? Does it have a second chance? Or is it just gone. Forgotten by all, remembered only in a brief reference. Sparrow... Sparrow... FLY. Sparrow SOAR. Life was breathed into you for a reason, this I know. Yes, your life will be short, and so will mine. Oh, sparrow, you and I are the same, flying different skies. Each with our own tale and legacy to leave behind. Sparrow, you are loved. YOU are a piece of the world we call home. We both are. Yes, someday we will each fall from our sky. But not now, not today.

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