I grew up with bed time stories. Did you? As a little girl, I loved the pictures. The way the colors were mixed to perfection, in order to build an image that told the story-- even without words. As I grew older I fell in love with the sound of the pages whispering as I moved on to each new chapter. The words now filled my mind the way the colorful pictures used to. Each page had an adventure to offer and each character was so intricately written, each had their own persona. Books offer an entirely new world, a universe that has yet to be explored. One question always rings in my mind after closing a good book.

Question: How?

How does an author select the perfect words that create a perfect story. Perhaps the better word here is imperfect. No story is ever really perfect; however, it is perfect to the author, and that is what truly matters. Still, the question remains: what makes a good, powerful story?

Answer: The Author