Student Board in Action

Do you want Project Reasons to come speak to your Church, Club, Team, or school?  Contact Macy Rae today to help support your organization's message of healing strategies and behaviors. A teen Student Board Member will be requested! Click for Endorsements

Interview Links

Speaking Experience

  • Denver "Bullicide" Special News Program, 12/2017

  • Woodmen Valley Chapel 12/2017

  • Beacon Health Options, Lunch -N-Learn/Webinar, 10/2017

  • Nazarene Bible College (Senior Counseling Class) 3/2017

  • Panel member at Mental Health Expo at local high school April 2017

  • News Channel 13 interview

  • Faith With Flavor, TBN Interview

  • Americhicks Radio Interview  1690AM (

  • Woodmen Mental Health Expo

  • Life Network 

  • Purpose For Life Concert 10/2017

  • D-11 Panel, 5 school presentations

  • Woodmen Students Speech/ Table

  • YMCA Stories 

  •  Woodland Park Health Classes

  • Carbondale Film Festival

  • Keystone, Colorado Health Symposium

Tables/ Events

  • Gallery Reasons DECA/Project Reasons-- 11/2017 Nov. 7 6:30--8:30

  • Silver Sponsor: CS Mental Health Summit 11/2017 

  • Path2Empathy night  at YMCA 5/2017

  • Mental Health Expo April 2017

  • YMCA Student Wellness

  • Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention Think Tank

  • "Lunch-in" with Governor Hickenlooper 

  • Meeting with Former Miss USA Nia Sanchez

  • 1/2018 YMCA 

  • 3/2018 Dinner & Silent Auction fundraising dinner


  • Denver Outreach

Project Reasons’ Chick-fil-a fundraiser starts today! Please visit the Northgate location in CS and

Kay Warren

Deca Champion!

Grant Presentation

Great Heist

Art Gallery

Hannah's News Interview

Denver interview

Purpose, A Concert for life

Erika and Cody, two of our original student board members, delivered a speech to over 50 students! Many made the choice to live and share their story!

Denver Start-Up week

Radio Interview with Americhicks

Suicide prevention, depression, Counselor Keith, Americhicks

KRDO Channel 13

A piece on Project reasons done by Collen Sikora from News Channel 13

College Class

Before the senior counseling class taught by my dad and I on addictions and mental health.


The woodman edition article about the student mental health expo at The Classical Academy on April 24, 2017.


Talking with Kevin Carmody, a reporter from Woodmen Edition, about Suicide Prevention.


Student Expo, table all set up. almost 200 pledges went out!

Pledge Bracelets

Come get your bracelet today -- connect with your reasons.

YMCA student wellness night

thank you to USTC for allowing me space at their table!!!!

Think Tank

With two lovely gals from the teen think tank hosted by Pikes Peak Suicide Prevention

Speaking Testimonials

Watching the audience, it was like you could hear a pin drop.  To me, she is an expert and her voice was definitely needed.

Lori Salgado


Macy was genuine, authentic, brave and articulate. She did a great job giving us a glimpse into a teenage mind! I was impressed by her maturity and willingness to share. 

Laura R.

TCA parent

I was very touched by the heroic courage and caring of 15-year-old Macy, who shared her personal struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts in the hopes of helping others. She said that she wondered how she "was going to measure up" to the experts on the panel. As a licensed professional counselor, who has worked in the mental health field for over 20 years, I can assure Macy that sharing her experience and her wisdom is a tremendous gift that can be more effective and powerful than all of the trained experts in the world.

Patricia Reisinger

Colorado Springs

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