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In 1950 America, a wealthy couple hosts an auction. The prize of this auction? The 15 million dollar Mask Of Diamante.  When the mask gets stolen, there are NINE suspects. Your job is to figure out WHO stole the mask, WHY they did it, and HOW they accomplished the heist. 

Answer: The auction host stole the mask because he was going to loose his fortune if his wife left him. Due to his gambling problem, he had no money. He paid a young street boy to cause a distraction giving him time to steal the mask.  


In celebration of our 1st Anniversary, to promote awareness of teen-driven suicide prevention, and raise funds for 2018, we are pleased to present this event. We celebrate those who have partnered with us to allow teens to be a part of prevention efforts at their schools and businesses. 

Sponsors and emcee

Project Reasons student board, apprentice, and guest actors  meet emcee, Elizabeth Watts, prior to the event. We were so lucky to have Elizabeth join our event!

The top three suspect cards, featuring Ameli Dolor (Hannah), Monsieur Dolor (Matt), and Maxwell (Tony) - the butler.

The student board work day prior to the event. Making the suspect cards and practicing their characters roles.

Net Revenue: $6022.25

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