Why we do what we do.

A person dies by suicide every 11 minutes. For every ONE suicide, there are 25 attempts.  575,000 people, on average, are taken to the hospital for treatment related to self harm.  Surveys show that almost 1 million people engage in self  harm. Children as young as five years old may suffer from suicidal thoughts.  Suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death for 10-35 year olds. Teen suicides have increased at a rapid rate. Some suicides within a few short days of one another. Friends wish there was time to say goodbye, parents wish they could have seen, seen SOMETHING, ANYTHING. The question circulating in EVERYONE'S minds is: WHY?  How could someone lose all sight of joy and take their own life?  The sad truth is, most people who end up killing themselves had shown signs of suicidal thinking or a mental disorder. Schools try to be observant of these signs, as do parents. This is good. Except one major issue. They paint suicidal thinking as 'wrong.' This creates the desire to hide. All it takes to hide is a smile and a laugh, right? Meanwhile, the fear of being caught builds, piled atop the stress of high school, the stress of life in general. Then the life crashing event occurs- and in that moment...nothing matters except stopping the pain. In that moment, self-harmer, or not- the person holds their life in their palm. And they choose to end it all. But what if, in that moment, they remembered that people DO love them, that their presence DOES matter, and what if they remembered who, or what, THEY loved?  Would those reasons,  possibly save a life? Could they?  That is why we created Project Reasons.