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Rewire Your Mind

If you want to know a secret, about how to be healthy, and I do mean 100% healthy, start by finding yourself.  This is no easy task, it is difficult and the journey is long.  Here are some very simple steps you can take.  

Step ONE: Build Worth through Truths

  1. Think of five things people have said that are empowering to YOU

  2. Write those five on a mirror/window in expo marker

  3. Think of one things you like about you, (this can be absolutely anything positive)

  4. Write that on the mirror in expo marker

  5. Write three things (truths)  you want to believe on three SEPARATE note cards. (i.e. “My presence matters” “I am beautiful”  “I am wanted and loved…” etc.)

  6. On the other side of these cards write a quote specific to the truth you chose.

  7. Read these once a day (or more)

Step TWO: Build worth through listening 

  1.  Every time someone compliments you, TAKE NOTE, write it down somewhere

  2. When you have access to a mirror, write the compliments on it

  3. Each night try to compliment yourself, write that compliment on the mirror as well

    • A trick to learning to compliment yourself is to pretend like you are speaking to a YOUNGER YOU  

Step THREE: Build worth through training

  1. Whenever a negative thought crosses your mind, reverse it with an opposite thought

    • i.e. "I am extravagant" "​The sky is very beautiful." 

  2. Journal! If you had a bad day, talk to yourself (and others) about it, but keep in perspective that there WERE good things as well

    • if you carry a journal with you, hopefully you have those things written down​

Step FOUR: Repeat.

Keep doing this -- until you find your value, keep doing it as long as it takes. 

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