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What IS Project Reasons?

Project Reasons is a 501(c)(3) small group effort that is dedicated to saving the lives of students, and adults, from suicide. We focus primarily on teaching students how to cope with suicidal feelings as well as how to help their friends. We also encourage dialogue between adults and students and encourage people to courageously talk about mental health. Project Reasons believes in order to successfully make a change, it is necessary to unify adults and students in the prevention effort. In order to accomplish this, we use our own personal stories. Project Reasons is run by the Student Board, which spans across multiple districts. Our students set out to speak to both students and adults on the difficult and often painful topic of suicide. Our students do not only talk about suicide prevention but also about 

  • Self Harm

  • Self Worth

  • Reachng Out 

  • Making A Difference

  • Finding Hope

and so much more.  

The initial idea behind Project Reasons was "Reasons" and the "Pledge." Reasons is a worksheet that encourages a person to think about all of the people in their life who love and care for them. The Pledge is a promise to life. The pledge is not a stand-in for professional counseling, nor is it a suicide hotline.


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