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For Self harm

Self harm takes many different forms, it can be anything.  It is a form of release; however, it is dangerous. About 494,169 people are taken to the hospital for treatment due to self inflicted injury. Intentional, or unintentional. Self harm is also a sort of addiction, making it very difficult to give up.  There are however, ways that this goal can be accomplished. One way to stop is by drawing on your arm with a soft marker that DOES NOT break skin.  Another good way is to fill out the Reasons sheet and wrap it around your object of self harm.    

For Peace of mind

Relaxing and taking a break can be extremely hard in everyday life.  There is school to worry about, family, chores, and so much more.  They are all distractions. Your emotional health and well-being must come first.  A good way to slow down the activity in your brain, is to cross your wrists, lace your fingers together, and fold your arms towards your chest.  Then, cross your legs as well.  While you do this, breathe. Another good thing to do is to take yourself away from the chaos of the world. Turn off your computer, your phone, and the lights. Turn on classical, or some sort of easy listening, music and, again, breathe. When the world feels like it is slipping away, or you are having a panic attack, try to ground yourself.  Good grounding methods include counting, or naming physical objects around you. Do this until your heart rate calms down. 

For Self Worth

Copy the truths below, onto a note card. (or create your own).  Every morning and every night, read them in front of the mirror aloud.  You can also use the Reasons sheet, but rather than filling in reasons to live- fill in reasons YOU are amazing.  

1) My Presence Matters

2) I am wanted and loved for who I am

3) My life has a purpose and meaning

For Faith

When life gets hard, it can seem nearly impossible that there is a God who loves and watches over you. It seems like God has GIVEN UP on you. While it feels like this during the hard times, it is a lie.  God is always with you- and he has a plan.  When your faith is fading, or you are loosing touch with God, try to journal.

Journal the very words you want to say to God, no matter how furious. Then, WAIT and LISTEN for him to come to you. It may not happen right away, but if you persist in seeking God, He will come to you and He will deliver you. 

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