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Project Reasons was created in an effort to REMIND suicidal people of the things, and people that are worth staying for.


The act is simple. Print out the paper, (at the bottom of this page) and in each blank spot write the name of a person, or thing, that you love. Then take the paper to each person on your list. Have the person write what they love about you next to their name. It can be anything, an inside joke, words of validation, a drawing, a selfie, anything that will REMIND you of that person. If your reasons are things rather than people, write what you love and what you would miss about those things.

GOAL:  Try to have at least  Ten Reasons with at least one trustworthy adults and TWO non-human reasons on your list.

When you finish filling out your paper, KEEP IT.  Put it where you will see it in a potentially dangerous situation. (For example, I put mine around my blades.)  Read your reasons aloud to yourself and BELIEVE them.

People have asked, "Won't a Reasons sheet just point out the fact that I'm suicidal?"


1) Remember that being suicidal should NOT be a secret from those who love you and you love, in the first place.

2) If you don't want it to be a "big deal",  suggest you, and a group of friends, do it along with the "pledge" with one another. This way, you may save some of your friends AND yourself. After all, they may be just as suicidal as you. 

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