Remember When?

The first time my little brother saw my wrist was at dinner. It was a hot day, I was wearing short sleeves since the tissue had healed over. He asked me what happened--my heart stopped. I looked down at my left arm. I had forgotten my bracelets. I forgot. Forgot what? The shackles that hid sleepless nights and lonely screams beneath them. I forgot. Forgot what? My little brother did not know his big sister's deepest desire was to die. To be free from blades, scars, and pain. I had always despised the scars, but the shame I felt in that moment, was greater than any shame I've ever felt before. I wanted to jump in the shower, and rub each mark away--to erase all the evidence. Then the sick

Lives lost

A life is a precious, precious thing. Sometimes we take it for granted, more often than not. More than taking life itself for granted however, we take the people in it for granted. We think to ourselves that they will always be there- waiting for us at home. They could never actually leave, right? Or worse… You know, me and my sister were always very close. We called ourselves ‘The Super Silly Sisters’. We had our own logo and everything. It was great; most of my favorite memories are shared with her. We would fight all the time, yes, but afterwards when we were sent to our rooms, we would slip apology letters under each other’s door. Some nights we would have a sleep over, well it was mo


The topic of self-harm and suicide is a scary topic to discuss with your teen; it can feel like you are increasing the likelihood of these things happening but in reality, keeping these things quiet strengthens the hold they have. The secret itself has an allure, becomes a partner, a friend to your teen. Be courageous and introduce yourself to these demons that your teen is fighting. It does not make them more real to speak about them, in fact, bringing the demons into the light, giving them a name, and speaking openly about them, begins to strip them of the allure and power they have acquired. Talking about your teen's suicidal feelings, or what draws him or her to self-harming, makes you a

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