Autumn Change

The day I took this picture, October 27 2016, was the day I decided I wanted to stop cutting. The uncontrollable losses I'd gone through, finally seemed to be mending themselves. I thought my battle with depression was finally over. I walked along that path, my last razor in hand, staring at the long sleeves covering my secret and all my pain along with it. The autumn leaves were scattered around me. And there was water. Not a lot of water, but enough. It was clear, running, water. As I stood there staring at the water, I decided to do the craziest thing I had ever done -- I threw it away. In doing so, I threw away a piece of myself that I had grown to love. I remember a compulsive

Leaking Rainbows

Watercolor is a beautiful form of art, I have to admit I am not very good at it, but I love watching the paint run down the page like raindrops. I love the way the colors accidentally blend and create another color. I love how salt repels the water and creates an all new texture. But what I love the most about watercolor, is that no one can control exactly where the paint will flee. A favored technique to use, when you paint with watercolors, is wet on wet, this is my favorite. An important fist step is to prepare the page by coating it in clear, invisible water and proceeding by dropping paint onto the page. Compelled by the water, the paint spreads in every direction within its reach;

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