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Reflections of Hope

I hope you fall in love with life. With living. The little sweet candies in stores that you can pop right into your mouth. The little rivers that you dip your feet into. The spray of the ocean as you ride the waves, the wind on your neck during a hike, the embrace of someone special. Smelling the first flower of Spring and the crunch of the first leaves of Fall. I hope one day you no longer feel the need to take out your pain on your skin, on your body. I hope one day those scars remind you of the battles that you won. I hope one day you don’t critique yourself in the mirror, poking and prodding at every imperfection. I hope someday you’ll cry tears of joy and not pain. I hope one day you’ll forgive yourself for hurting others and try to be a better person. I hope one day you meet someone who is just like you, someone who loves all the things you do and marvels at the world in the same perspective. But most of all I hope one day, you’ll be able to look back, and be proud of where you came from. Be proud of your scars, your tears and tantrums. Be proud of the pain that you made it out of. I hope one day, you will treat life with respect, and you treat yourself with love.

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