He had curious brown eyes, chubby cheeks, and dark hair. He was probably about seven or eight years old. I will call this boy Nate. This little boy changed my outlook on life today. He did not intend to, of course, but he did in the best of ways.

Nate is autistic--or something along those lines. He lives in a bubble that no person can seem to get inside of, and somehow he is still happy. Starting in 2017, I volunteered at a Therapeutic Horseback Riding Center for a few hours. At the riding center, we helped riders with either emotional, mental, or physical ailments they needed to work through, using horses. Often times, it takes a lot of emotional energy, especially with the non-verbal children. There is always a volunteer who monitors the child while riding (a sidewalker) and another volunteer monitors the horse (lead). During the summer of 2017 I was Nate’s sidewalker every Tuesday at three o’clock.

Every week,