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Dear Middle School Self...

Dear Middle School Self,

Don’t worry about what other people think. Don’t judge yourself because you feel like other people are judging you. Don’t waste your time with friends who put you down. And most importantly be yourself, find yourself, and love yourself. In sixth grade you will get into the hang of things, and for the most part, life will be good. You’ll have a weird headband phase, and continue to hang out with people from elementary school. Seventh grade will hit, and things will get tough. You’ll struggle with self doubt, toxic friendships, and emptiness. You will have a rough time feeling like you fit in, and you will feel the most self conscious as you ever will. Seventh grade will be a tough year but you’ll manage to get through, and to learn. By eighth grade, you will start to become comfortable with yourself and who you are. You will begin to embrace your values and a group and passion you enjoy. You will learn to accept your flaws, even if they bother you. But with the good changes come disappointments. You will be cut from a team you desperately wanted to be a part of, and find your “first love”. Life will be tough and rocky at times, but you will survive. You are strong. You are beautiful. You are smart. You are unique. You are you. So I am writing to you today to tell you to never give up. Never give up on yourself, on your dreams, on the people and passions you love. You are worth it and are so so valuable. Your life will clean itself up due to your optimism and you will continue to fall down, but don’t stay there, always get back up. So have a good time in middle school, learn from your tough times, and find yourself. You’ve got this!

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