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Letters To Monsters

Dear Little One,

There is no monster under your bed, I will protect you always, no monster can harm you! See? No monster in the closet, and no monster under the bed. You are safe my child, close your eyes -- I will sing you a lullaby.

Dear innocence-- I love you, thank you for protecting me in my childhood years. Thank you for making sure my mind was clear and happy, thank you for that at least, goodnight.

Dearest child,

The monster under your bed is all in your mind. You see-- it is a figment of your imagination. It can not harm you nor can it take you away. You see, you have the power over your monster dear child-- for even if he WERE under your bed, it is still in fact your bed. Goodnight my brave one, goodnight.

Dear Courage -- I can be strong for you- I can fall asleep tonight, theres a nightlight in the corner, a teddy bear in my arms. This is my bed. No monster can take me away. I am safe, you are not real. Silly monster.

Oh my dear,

Won't you please close your eyes? There is nothing there! You are too old to fear monsters, they are not real! That over there is the shadow of your chair. The noise is just the storm, the tapping is just a little branch! Go to bed!

Dear Fear -- I know you aren't really there. The tapping is a branch on the window, the shadows are just the furniture. There's nothing under my bed, nothing in my closet. It is all in my mind. All in my mind. But there is a raging storm inside, screaming to escape and there are demons lurking in the depths of my mind... Oh monster you are real... You are real.

Dear Middleschooler,

I'm too busy for this tonight, just go to bed, goodnight.

Dear loneliness, won't you please go- I'm so scared, but i'm too old to call out for someone. It's in my mind. It is all in my mind -- and my only friend is the monster under my bed, the monster in my head. He whispers things that scare me, but it is better than the silence and solitude you offer. Goodnight, loneliness.

Dear Highschooler,

You cant go anywhere-- your mind is a prison. You are the monster, cast away, abandoned. Don't you know!? No one has time for you anymore, stop fearing the dark. Stop ignoring what is within. Goodnight.

Dear Lies, I can't take it anymore! I can't handle this despair. The night is so dark and the storm is so loud. I don't know where to go, I don't know what to hold. I have nothing left to offer and so much to hide. I've become acquainted with my shadows and pain has become my guide. I'm a disaster, leading myself down a path of destruction. The people you have guided me to-- hurt me again and again... I'm starting to miss my old friend the monster in the closet. Oh please monster come back ...

Dear Graduate,

You have come so far-- you are free-- goodnight.

Dear Monsters,

I'm ready to say goodbye. You are not under my bed. You are not within my mind. You are not real. The shadows disappeared, destroyed by a nightlight that I believed I had lost. Fear --you have no power over me because I am choosing to fight. Loneliness- you have lost your control, I am choosing to call out. Lies? You are forbidden here, I know the truth now. You are my past -- and I am my future. Goodbye monster, sleep tight.

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