Thirteen reasons why, is not a reason why.

Recently people have begun to ask me if I based my Project off of the popular TV series, and novel, Thirteen Reasons Why (despite the fact that I only heard of the show a few weeks ago). I would like to say that I disagree with the messages of 13 Reasons Why. Don't get me wrong, I watched 13 Reasons Why. I thought the acting was good, I thought the plot was engaging. I believed the producers depicted mental health well... There was even a piece of me that could understand Hannah's mind as I was once suicidal. Still 13 Reasons Why and Project Reasons, are two drastically different worlds, entirely separate of each other.

13 Reasons Why deals with suicide on a different level. In each episode, suicide almost comes across as glorified. From the view of a former self-harmer, Episode 13 was extremely triggering. It gave me the old, forgotten, desire to feel the bite of a razor again. I can only i