Talk to us about whats been on your mind, thoughts of self harm? Anxiety? Depression? Anything

Little Pet
Oct 3, 2018

I feel like my voice is bouncing off the walls -- like no one really wants to hear what I say because its.. wrong? Not important i guess... I dont know why. Ive triied to ask for help but people jus
Apr 27, 2017

your scars are beautiful. they are your beauty marks. they have shown what you've been through and what you're going through and that you made it out even stronger than what you were. don't hide them.
Just me
Jun 19, 2017

I just want to relapse -- ive been clean for a while.. So it sucks that its coming on now... I dont know why but I just really want to.. i just MISS it... And... idk.. how can you not miss somthing li