Tony --

Former Student Board Member 

For the longest time I lived for others' approval. As a child I was abused. I was punished for the simplest mistakes and would live in a constant state of fear. Because of that I would try to look for acceptance from anyone and everyone through lies and false stories in fear that my personal thoughts and opinions wouldn’t be good enough. My developed insecurities and fears grew and I felt insignificant. I felt like my life wasn’t important.

It was in High School where I needed to look for help. I would eat with my teachers and my counselors, seeking guidance. I knew there were thousands of people who felt the same way I did. I realized that I need to approve of myself. I learned to help find value in my life by trying to help others and try to be an advocate of hope to the those who are depressed and suicidal. It was a step forward to the path of becoming a better person. Since my freshman year, nearly 10 suicides have happened within my school. At DCC, hundreds of students have fallen into a feeling of hopelessness. I see people who no longer find value in their own lives because of these tragedies. I want to help find value in everyone’s life and show how amazing everyone is. Never should someone feel like their life is worthless. That is why I chose to help be a Reason.