Here are questions from teens, answered in a non-sugar coated way.  If you have a question send it in!  I will answer you to the best of my ability using my own experience.  Remember, everyone has a different life situation:  what works for me -- might not work for you, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try!   


"How can I tell my parents that I'm struggling?  They put a lot of pressure on me and I don't want to disappoint them.  I know they love me and want the best for me -- but, idk what to do."

"I don't have parents who I can open up to, nor do I have a favorite teacher.  I've lost all my friends and I literally have no one.  It would be easier to die than deal with this - You say there's a reason,l so what is my reason?"

"My boyfriend hurts me and I don't care.  I just want to be with him because when he is good -- he is good- but I also just want out. What should I do?" 


I told my parents, who sound like yours, through my pediatrician. They didn't believe me at first so i let it die down. DO NOT DO THAT. If you think you need help, don't stop asking for it. It can feel like you will disappoint your parents, however, they are more likely to be disappointed if they think you are simply being lazy than if they know whats going on.  Let them in, even though it's hard. 

Finding a reason is never easy, especially in a situation like this.  If you do not like any of your teachers, then walk -- walk to the nearest church (even if you aren't religious -- you don't have to be), walk to the nearest neighbor that you like, think about the one thing that you love more than anything--and find a way to be with that. Tell someone--anyone--what you're going through. If you already want to die:  There is no harm in asking someone for help.      

Find your value -- learn your worth.  No one should treat you badly. You are special and delicate. Chances are, he is hurting you because you dont think you deserve any better. Check your thinking. Change your thinking.