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Tool Trays & Tool Belts

Have you ever marveled at the finesse with which a dental assistant passes to the dentist the next tool they need? The assistant holds the tool in the air, the dentist reaches out (sometimes back behind where he can see) and without looking, knows it's going to be there at the precise moment he (or she) needs it. I've seen the same thing with a carpenter who works alone but reaches into a precisely place belt of tools that he pulls from without hunting or hesitating even for a moment. If I could have half this much efficiency when even hanging a picture on my wall, it would be a proud day indeed. But in my office, with the work that I do, I do have a favorite calculator, a favorite thumb drive I keep my most used files on. So I suppose we have tools of whatever trade... What are the tools we use to navigate hard times in life itself though? It seems we don't always know them like the back of our hand... like we feel like they aren't accessible... or which one to use... and maybe we don't have the energy today to use them. I'm giving thought today to what tools I use to keep my life running smoothly as well as tools I use when the chaos of life is threatening to run me off the tracks. What are the tools you put in your tool belt?

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