Explore a World of Reasons

If you are in need of counseling for suicidal feelings or self harm, be sure to select a counselor who specializes in this. Here's one recommendation for a counselor who does. 

Teenagers on the Front Line in Missions. Check out how you can make a difference for others and make a difference for yourself in the process. No judgment here--come as you are, not as you wish you were. 

If you'd rather hang with a horse as your therapist, check out therapeutic services-- equine style. 

If there is a quality of a relationship that you wouldn't want your parents or your big brother to know. or it just seems "off", take some time to consider why. Are you in an abusive relationship?

Need help asking for Help? Check out Yellow Ribbon

If you know you need help and you're ready to ask.

Put this phone number in your phone under HELP; make yourself a promise today that you will make the call. You are Reason Enough. 

If you have 5 minutes, and you need a break from it all, check out the exercises on this site. 

Learn how to walk in others shoes and stop judging- learn how to increase your self worth and understand how to recover from depression/ addictions -- YOUR STORY MATTERS