Student Apprentice

I have helped a lot of close friends that are dealing with personal problems that affect their mental health, and I believe that no one should ever feel those types of feelings. One of my very close friends was dealing with a lot of depression, I sometimes stayed up late texting them about how they are great and amazing and aren't just completely nothing. My school, is a very tough and strict school, so there is a lot of stress and depression throughout the Junior High and High School. I want to include and spread the word of Project Reasons throughout my school to help lots of young lives with the problems that they are too scared to bring up to adults or teachers because sometimes they just need someone their age to relate to. The experiences with these people impacted me by wanting to do something about and not just push those people to the side who need help and support to feel better about themselves and realize that they have many reasons to live and be happy with themselves. I feel like Project Reasons could do just that for lots of needy young kids in my community and even spread to more schools and people to help save more lives.